How does the WAGSTA Wellness program conclude?

WAGSTA Wellness is provided as a subscription diet plan providing advice and support to help your dog successfully lose weight. Depending on your dog’s degree of weight gain, the time frame to achieve your dog’s healthy weight may be anywhere between 3-12 months.

Most pet parents take an average of 6 months to achieve their dog’s healthy weight (for dogs with BCS 6-7). While dogs in the upper obese range (BCS 8-9) will take a little longer.

We recommend continuing your membership until your dog’s target weight is achieved, your dog has transitioned to their maintenance diet and you are confident in maintaining your dog’s healthy weight.

WAGSTA Wellness provides quarterly report cards to summarize your dog’s weight loss journey. These are provided at the 3, 6, 9 and 12-month mark. Subscription may be cancelled at any time.

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